Friday, June 05, 2009

Crazy Eyes

This is why I never have decent pictures of both children. I'd really love to hire a photographer to do beautiful portraits of my children, but I worry "stink eye" and "the sprinter" would make it impossible. Sigh.


Notice Molly's new hair cut. It was sad to see her sweet little curls gone, but her hair was sort of out of control. Her new bob is sweet, but makes her look older. She was a champ during the haircut, no screaming and no barfing (unlike Patrick at that age). Phew!

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Tech Savvy Mama said...

Hah! We had professional photos taken in the fall for the very first time and the kids were surprisingly cooperative and our photographer was awesome. But yes, we do get lots of funny pictures of the kids looking in opposite direction, one smiling while the other grimaces, etc. I guess that's just part of parenting. *sigh* I do love Molly's new haircut and Patrick is still a darling behind that silly face!